Sahaya-BACHO Football Club

Welcome to the Sahaya BACHO Football Club!

The Sahaya-BACHO FC is part of the programs of BACHO (Banyabutumbi Cultural Heritage Organization), based in Rwenshama, near Lake Edward/Queen Elisabeth National Park in Uganda. The youth are highly motivated, and also participate in many other BACHO programs, such as art (painting/sculpting), income-generating activities, and helping many of the orphans and vulnerable children in their village.  As Sahaya International, we are happy to support them.

Earlier in 2021, we were able to provide the team with some uniforms and footballs, for which they are very grateful.

Recently, the club has a new logo, reflecting the new name of the FC: Sahaya-BACHO. The logo reflects the Ugandan Kob, an antelope that is symbol of this region.

We are currently raising funds for a new set of uniforms and you can become an official sponsor!

The team can wear on official matches with other clubs of the district, or also at the national level. The previous uniforms will be used for practice. As Rwenshama also has football clubs of women, and of children, eventually we also like to provide them with similar uniforms.

Below is our total budget for $1385, which includes 4 sets of jerseys (each set is for 15 players), the logo printing, stockings and shoes for the men’s team. To donate, you can go to our donation page and assign your donation to “BACHO-FC”.

If you donate at least 60 dollars (or 50 euro), we will include the logo of your business or your name on the backside of the T-shirt.

If you live in either USA or Belgium, and  in addition to being an official sponsor, you like to order a set of shirt and shorts for yourself (or for a relative or friend), please let us know and donate an extra $20 (or 18 euro) and let us know via an e-mail message with subject FC-BACHO: We will then bring or mail it to you early 2022.

Many thanks for any support you can provide!

List of current sponsors:

  • Veerle & Robin
  • Koen Van Rompay
  • Sahaya




Meet the players:

And it’s not only the humans that know how to play football properly!