Remember us in your planned giving

Make a bequest to Sahaya International

There are many ways to support Sahaya International and one option is to set up a planned gift in the form of a bequest. Find out how you can make the necessary arrangements today to continue supporting our mission in the future.

The most common way to make a bequest is by naming the non-profit of your choice in your will, in your revocable living trust, or as the beneficiary of your retirement plan. You can choose to donate by making a residuary bequest (the residuary refers to the remaining sum after all other bequests have been made and the estate costs and taxes have been covered) or a percentage of the residuary. Alternatively, you may wish to make a specific bequest in which you specify an item, a property, or a sum of cash that you would like the non-profit organization to receive.

Most donors choose to leave a general bequest that enables the board of directors of the non-profit to choose how to make best use of the bequest, however it is also possible to select a specific purpose for your donation. This may be appropriate if there exists a specific project or activity that you feel passionate about. If you are considering a bequest for a purpose it is important to remember that the bequest may occur many years after the will has been signed and some projects may no longer be relevant. It is therefore a good idea to be reasonably general when describing the purpose.

One important thing to remember is that without a will, there is no legal pathway to make a bequest. If you want to make a bequest, consider taking the first steps today to ensure that your wishes will be granted. The first step is to create a list of your estate. This may include your financial assets, real estate, jewelry, vehicles, or other items of value. The next step is to arrange an appointment with an attorney/legal consultant that can give advice and guide you through the legal process. A bequest must include correct details about the non-profit you are making the donation to. For this reason, make sure that your attorney have correctly identified Sahaya International by it’s full legal name and address in the drafted documents.

Sahaya International relies on voluntary donations to carry out their mission, and we are truly grateful to you for considering a bequest to fund our future work.