Indian embroidered cards

Support women in rural India who make  beautiful cards

Please note:

1). To receive holiday cards for the Christmas/New Year holiday season, please contact us in the Spring or Summer (no later than August), because it takes considerable time to produce each card.

2). As these cards have a tangible value, the purchase of these cards by itself is not a tax-deductible contribution. Only extra donations beyond the purchase price of these cards are tax-deductible according to standard IRS rules. Thank you for your understanding!

3). Are you in the Davis area?  You can now buy these cards also at the Crucial Vibes Unlimited store, at 204 E Street, Davis, CA 95616.

Who makes the cards?

These greetings cards are produced by the girls and women who are part of the programs of READ in southern India. The production of these cards provides them with income and also support the many ongoing programs of READ. Go here to learn more about this and other skill-training programs that are offered by READ..

How are the cards made?

These cards are made on white or colored paper; after the many holes have been punched in the paper, colored thread is embroidered into intricate designs. Depending on the design, it takes half a day to more than 2 days to complete a card. To see a more detailed look of the precision with which these cards are made, click here.

How many designs are there?

Currently, more than 200 different designs are available, including many designs for holidays and special occasions. We are always happy to make custom-designed cards for your wedding, anniversary, company business, but take into account the extra time it takes to get a proof made and sent over, and the time it takes to execute and mail the order….so it is important to start the process at least several months in advance and inquire about it.

Please note: these designs are not machine-made, but are made by different people, so the color combinations of each card are unique and do not necessary reflect the colors on the samples below. If a specific color is desired (for instance for flowers), then please advise us in advance of your order.

To see many of the designs, click HERE

How much of the money of the purchase price will go to India?

100%! Every single penny will be sent to India to help the women and their communities. The sale of the cards by our network of Sahaya volunteers is done by total volunteers who usually even commit their own resources to make a difference via these cards.

How to order cards?

In the USA, cards are available via Sahaya International (based in Davis, California): the price is $5 per card, or $4 per card if you purchase 3 cards or more. We can also mail cards to you: the only additional charge is the postage to mail the package to you. Please keep in mind:

  • We don’t carry all cards in stock all the time, as we often sell faster than they can be produced in India. So if is usually easier and faster if you like to buy a variety of cards; it is fine if you give us a preference (for example “flower cards” or “animal cards”) and I promise that I will do my best to select the ones that I think are very well done. If your shipment contains some cards that you don’t like, then feel free to return it and deduct that price from the total cost. But so far all people who have received them were all happy and mentioned that in reality they are more beautiful than what the pictures on the website suggest.
  • These designs are not machine-made, but are made by different people, so the color combinations of each card are unique and do not necessary reflect the colors on the samples below.
  • If you need any specific designs or a very specific color, then we can place the order but it may take several months to arrive. So plan ahead when ordering.
  • To order or get more information, please e-mail Sahaya founder Koen at

In Belgium, cards are available through; please e-mail them at:

In India , you can order the cards directly from READ (click here to contact Mr. Selvam, executive director).