Training farmers on modern crop production technologies

Sahaya partners with READ in India for the sustainable and eco-friendly economic development of farming communities through modern crop production technologies.

Sahaya and READ collaborate with the Gemini Agro Tech Educational Foundation (near Chennai) to help train farmers on modern crop production technologies, which has these goals:

  • Increased crop productivivity per acre of 200 to 500%
  • Reduced food prices, making quality food more affordable by poor people and thereby reducing malnutition
  • Improved quality of agricultural produce including nutritional value and shelf life, which benefits people and animals.
  • Reduced poverty among farming families
  • The increased economic capacity of the farmers will over time also lift up other sectors of the local economy.
  • Eco-friendly farming methods will lead to better protection of the environment.

All of this is achieved with methods that are eco-friendly, durable and sustainable.

We are grateful to everyone who has already donated to this program to get it started. While we are building up this program, additional funds are very useful. Click the “donate” button on the top of the screen, or mail a check payable to “Sahaya International”, with mention “farm program”, to Sahaya International, 1504 Portola Street, Davis, CA 95616. Thank you!

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