Friends of the Poor-Kasese

Friends of the Poor-Kasese is a nongovernmental organization, in Uganda, active in Kasese district

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“Friends of the Poor- Kasese ( FOP-K)” is non-profit  organization formed/ founded in 2017 as a Community –Based Organization (CBO) on District level. In 2019, FOP-K was elevated and registered nationally by the Government of Uganda as a  Non- Governmental Organization ( NGO).

FOP-K is focused on empowering the poorest of the poor and the marginalized, especially women, children, and youths,  towards a brighter future.  FOP-K promotes sustainable development of the vulnerable and less privileged in the society through education, nutrition programs, medication, clothing, respect for human dignity and awareness of human rights. FOP-K does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender or ethnicity. FOP-K works in partnership with other individuals, organizations and institutions locally, nationally and internationally, and joins hands with the government to accomplish more results. 

Core values of FOP-K

  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Gender Equality
  • Innovation
  • Team work
  • Volunteer
  • Quality
  • Environment Friendly
  • Result-focused

 Vision Statement

Creating a just society that respects and safeguards the dignity of women and children and enhances youth development.

 Mission Statement

To empower women, children and youth as to overcome social, culture, and economic barriers for their integral development. FOP-K exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment amongst the poorest striving to bringing hope to the vulnerable, those in extreme poverty especially children in the families around us.


  • To promote education and health through provision of educational and health facilities.
  • To promote entrepreneur skills to the youth and women for self-reliance.
  • To educate the youth on drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and other communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • To promote moral culture in respect to human dignity.
  • To promote sustainable environmental conservation.
  • To promote gender equality in the society.
  • To promote agriculture and food security.


In order to accomplish the objectives above, the organization shall conduct a number of activities, including:

  • Providing the poor with access to affordable education and health,  thus promoting building of school and health facilities
  • Preparing the women and youth for self-awareness and more independence.
  • Sensitizing the society on respect and care for the surrounding/ environment
  • Moral reconstruction among the youth and women such as rehabilitation of commercial sex workers
  • Promoting awareness to reduce gender discrimination.
  • Promoting agriculture and food security
  • Conserving nature and promoting sustainable environmentally friendly agriculture

How you can help:

Contributions to the FOP-K program via Sahaya International are tax-deductible in the USA. If you like to make a contribution, you can do so in different ways:

  • To pay by credit card or paypal, go to our donation page. When you make the donation, enter in the “in honor of” or notes section “Friends of the Poor-Kasese” or “FOP-K” so we know your donation is earmarked for this project.
  • You can mail a check, made payable to “Sahaya International” to us. Add in the notes field “Friends of the Poor-Kasese” or “FOP-K”. Please include your e-mail address, so we can e-mail you a tax receipt.

Sahaya International
1504 Portola Street
Davis, CA 95616

Many thanks for your support!

FOP-K is in the process of constructing a community-based health center in Rwembyo- Kiburara Village  (Kisinga- Sub-county, Kasese District, Uganda). But construction has been stagnant for the past year due to a lack of incoming funds.  Community – Based Health Centre project that is under construction  but for almost a year its at standstill due to insufficient money. The major activities that still need to be done include: completing the roofing, plastering, painting, floor, ceiling, water drilling at site, sewage system (plumbing works), furniture , medical / laboratory equipments and furniture and beds. The direct beneficiaries of this health project will be poor mothers/ women and children who cannot afford to pay high medical expenses at distant health facilities, and generally can’t afford the medications, as they already struggle to survive day-to-day. 
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