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Dear friends,
May this holiday season bring you joy, health, friendship and love.
Sahaya deeply appreciates your continuous support through which we keep making positive change in the lives of many children and families, and their communities. A few highlights of 2017 include:

  • Through the activities of our partner organizations in India, Vietnam, and Kenya, we are currently assisting 9 school programs (including 2 special schools), that together educate more than a thousand children.

    India kids


  • In these same countries, via our sponsorship program, we are supporting more than 500 orphans and vulnerable children with their education and basic needs. This includes 33 HIV-infected children, who, thanks to our annual Sahaya Walks event, are kept healthy through proper health care and nutrition.

    Kenya kids

  • This past year, we celebrated that thanks to our long-term commitment, 18 students graduated from college, including 1 medical doctor, 6 engineers, 1 school teacher and 3 nurses. As these youth continue their life journey, several of them, inspired to pay it forward, have started to make regular donations back into the sponsorship program to help other children in their area.

  • In Vietnam, we have built so far 170 simple homes for families that had been living in uninhabitable shacks.


  • In Kenya, we continue to empower deaf youth with health education, and we help several school and orphan programs.

  • In the Philippines, we combat Dengue fever.

  • In India, we have started a program to train farmers on modern crop technologies, which not only increase production but also provide more nutritious food items, and are environmentally more friendly. Click here to learn more about it.


  • Thanks to our award-winning 20-minute documentary “Sahaya-Going Beyond”, which can be viewed online for free (, our circle of friends and supporters keeps widening.

  • Several Sahaya supporters have made use of our new program, in which we can accept certain non-cash donations, including old vehicles, certain electronics, unused gift cards and more. You can free yourself of items you no longer use, get a tax receipt and support our activities. To learn more, go to Tell your friends about this unique opportunity to help make a difference!

Through an act of kindness, each of us is a drop that creates a ripple.
For being part of this, we sincerely thank you!

Koen Van Rompay
Founder & Secretary
Sahaya International

Special thanks for your commitment and donations in 2017!
If you like to make a tax-deductible contribution for this fiscal year, you can donate online (; or mail a check, payable to “Sahaya International” to 1504 Portola Street, Davis, CA 95616.

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Kenyan children
Candlelight program in Kenya (supported by Sahaya International)

Mother Teresa School
Children of the Mother Teresa School in India celebrate with a cultural program the opening of an extra floor of classrooms. Construction was made possible thanks to the generosity of Sahaya supporters


Happy holidays
(Children at the Mother Teresa School celebrate Christmas)



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