Ibencho Community Water and Electricity program (Rafiki)

Sahaya’s partner organization Rafiki in Kenya, led by Mark Omare, has been very busy with implementing a community development project in Ibencho. This entails getting power lines installed to give the community access to electricity. In addition, a water distribution tank (with water pump) was previously built at the Rafiki orphanage, and the water pump is soon connected to the electricity. Pipelines are being installed into 5 main directions (approximately 400 meters in each direction) to distribute water to schools (including the Rafiki Junior Academy primary school), local churches, and the Ibencho market place.

The community – young and old- has been closely involved with this program in every aspect, including providing much of the manual labor, as they know it will totally change their life for the better! Currently many of the community members, including children, have to walk far every day to fetch water, which also affects their education.

So far, $20,000 has been spent. An additional $12,000 is needed to purchase more pipelines to go from the distribution tank towards more homes, markets and schools. 

Below is a breakdown of some of these expenses needed to further carry out this project (click on the picture to see an enlarged version)


We thank everyone who contributed or will contribute towards this program!

If you like to donate towards this Rafiki program, go to our donation page, where you can make an online donation (dedicate it to Rafiki) or you can mail us a check.

Many thanks!

Click on each picture to see a higher resolution version

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