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General Guidelines for non-cash giving

Always accepted

  • Passenger vehicles
  • L
  • Precious metal bullion •
  • Grain commodities •
  • Gold jewelry •
  • Gift cards (minimum balance of $15; must be an accepted company)

Typically accepted

  • Motorcycles
  • Large quantities of business inventory overstock

    Accepted on case-by-case basis

  • Boats, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles
  • Other donations (must have actual resale values of $250+)

Not accepted

  • Pianos (and most other musical instruments)
  • Furniture, exercise equipment, and home appliances
  • Small and large electronics (including phones,most printers, scanners, desktop computers, monitors,
    Windows XP laptops, VCRs and TVs)
  • Outdated medical equipment and used electric wheelchairs
  • Timeshares and cemetery plot
  • Firearms (iDonate Foundation cannot take ownership for legal reasons; however, we
    are happy to provide referrals to sellers.
  • Anything you would see in a thrift store (i.e. books, apparel, housewares)
  • Anything that may be considered objectionable in the discretion of iDonate Foundation (including
    pornographic or illegal items)

Please contact iDonate at
877-89-SHARE (877-897-4273)
with questions about whether specific donations can be accepted.

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