Donate your old vehicle

and turn it into education of a child

Donate with gifts of all kinds, including your noncash items!

In addition to money donations, we are now able to accept vehicle donations, jewelry, used cell phones, gift cards, and much more through a partnership with iDonate! Depending on the item, iDonate will take care of pick-up, provide pre-paid postage labels and so on; in other words, so it’s made extra easy for you.

To learn more about what you can donate, scroll below.

Please note that if you want to donate a vehicle, you need to be in possession of the title. Once the donation is accepted, during the transfer process of the vehicle, also ask them for the “liability transfer information” (i.e. name and address of new owner) so you can inform the DMV and be relieved of liability on the vehicle.

The proceeds from your tax-deductible donations will go towards supporting our ongoing healthcare, education, environmental and socio-economic grassroots programs in developing countries. Use the pull-down menu to designate our beneficiary partner organization, or leave a comment in the “note” section to tell us where you like your donation to go to.
Any questions, contact Koen at

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Thank you for your generosity!

General Guidelines for non-cash giving

Always accepted

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Precious metal bullion
  • Grain commodities
  • Gold jewelry
  • Gift cards (minimum balance of $15; must be an accepted company)
  • Typically accepted
  • Motorcycles
  • Large quantities of business inventory overstock

Accepted on case-by-case basis

  • Boats, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles
  • Other donations (must have actual resale values of $250+)

Not accepted

  • Pianos (and most other musical instruments)
  • Furniture, exercise equipment, and home appliances
  • Small and large electronics (including phones,most printers, scanners, desktop computers, monitors,
    Windows XP laptops, VCRs and TVs)
  • Outdated medical equipment and used electric wheelchairs
  • Timeshares and cemetery plot
  • Firearms (iDonate Foundation cannot take ownership for legal reasons; however, we
    are happy to provide referrals to sellers.
  • Anything you would see in a thrift store (i.e. books, apparel, housewares)
  • Anything that may be considered objectionable in the discretion of iDonate Foundation (including
    pornographic or illegal items)

Please contact iDonate at 877-89-SHARE (877-897-4273) with questions about whether specific donations can be accepted.