Let’s support the teachers at Rehema

Our wonderful school that supports, teaches, and inspires the children of Korogocho to strive for better lives needs us to help rebuild its teaching staff.  As we all know, consistency is one of the best motivators for children to learn, and only about half of the teachers were able to return to Rehema in January.  Erastus hired many new staff, some of them temporary teachers.

We are hoping to raise some funds quickly to enable Erastus to keep these teachers and also to modestly increase salaries. Our goal is to increase salaries by $50 per month so that more excellent teachers can be hired who will be able to remain at Rehema for the long term.  With the ideal number of 15 teachers, the overall salary increase per month is $750 US. 

Many of Rehema’s teachers are inspired by their parents and grandparents who were also teachers, and some were raised with very meager resources and personally understand the challenges facing the children of Korogocho.  As one of the school’s math teachers said, “I like teaching because it is a profession that transforms the intellectual ability of learners and makes them better persons in the future.”  And from a science teacher, “I wanted to become a teacher because I feel I have the knowledge of understanding to accommodate all learners from various backgrounds.”  To help ensure that these two and others will be able to remain teachers at Rehema, please help us find friends and organizations to support this fundraising goal.

 You can donate in various ways (click here to go to our donation site; please earmark your donation for “Rehema teachers”. Many thanks in advance for any support you can provide.

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Meet the Rehema teachers:

Agina Sherine Atieno (Early Childhood Educator; at Rehema since January 2021).

My name is Miss. Agina Sherine Atieno.

I was born in 29th September 1996 in Siaya County. I am the first born in my family and an example to my siblings.

We are six in our family this include: Father, mother, one sister and three brothers.

My parents are self-employed, that is, they do small business to keep them going for daily basis and having something to depend on and providing for the family. I am a Sunday school teacher to kids and as a result I have a strong affection to children further more engaging me to instill knowledge in kids. I love it so much because the future of the earth is in children and I feel more confident when I teach them the right way to go.

Teaching needs respect, honour and motivation to the children. It is an in-born responsibility in me. I should always be an epitome, understanding and an agent of change in our community.

My dream is to continue serving especially dedication to the kids and here at Rehema, is where I will always give the best I can offer.

Ishmael Mohamed (Math & English Teacher; at Rehema since 2016)

My name is Mohamed Idd Ishmael.

I am 25 years old, born on 5th May 1995 in Western part of Kenya in Kakamega County.

I grew up at the same place since birth to the completion of Primary Education and raised up by Grand-parents.

It is a place where majority of residents are sustained mainly by agricultural activities done as subsistence farming upto date.

I am a second born and the only male in a family of seven. My mother is a primary teacher and my step-father is an assistant Pastor in Church of God in East Africa Kenya.

The above four girls are step-sisters since we only share one parent who’s our mother and differ with fathers. My elder Sister, our first born, is married and blessed with one daughter. She is a mere house wife, our third born is in her final year in secondary school, the fourth born, a  girl is in class six and lastly, the last born, a girl in pre-primary two.

I chose to be a teacher since I have been raised in a family of teachers that is my grandfather is a retired teacher, my mother is currently a primary teacher and I also have two aunts who are currently teachers too.

Therefore being from a family of teachers, interest automatically developed and always wished to do the teaching better than them all.

The main reason for becoming a teacher is, I knew deep down my heart that there would be fatherless learners like I, orphaned, less fortunate and even neglected learners where my role would be to encourage them and instill hope in them as I have been a fatherless victim which is not the end of the road and that everything is God’s plan.  

The most thing I love about being a teacher is seeing the hopeless have hope, making teens positively understand what life is all about by sharing my own life experience to them and more so making the learners happy by doing co-curriculum activities with them especially football and drawing so as to live and that there is someone who understands them and cares about their well-being as most kids here undergo hard time at their respective families.

Thank you 

Patroba Mgesi (Early Childhood Educator; at Rehema since 1993)

My name is Mrs. Patroba Mgesi.

Born in 1966 in Vihiga County, Western part of Kenya in Lusoma Village.

I come from a family of six members. I am the first born. That is my mother, my daughter, two grandchildren and the two orphans whom are roots of my existence and I love them very much.

My mother, she’s the nicest and kind hearted woman I have ever loved and I have not seen another like my mother. She is creative, helpful and loving. She does nothing because old age. My daughter is a very hardworking lady, able to do any work on her way.

The biggest challenges I have encountered in my teaching career are;

 engaging in a lot of things with minimal time to schedule for other things, less teamwork from fellow colleagues as they keep on fleeing in search of better places or change of career, incorporative parents who give less attention to the teacher’s work especially in my department of raising the Kindergartens.

I purposed to become a teacher because my love to children is unfading, I watched how my mum raised us in love and that inspired me even more. I always want to implement my skills in children by changing their lives and giving out good education to them to become both good and responsible citizens in the society.

As a mentor, I always focus on giving back to the community, because the community can change if we deliver both the best and show our kids the right way to go. I was raised up in Korogocho and I made it so they also can improve their lives if well brought up with enduring spirit.

I have been served kids at Rehema since it was founded and I am contended because if I make a way out of here then, I would have not fulfilled my dream. I was called to serve and that is why I have never given up on Rehema.

George Peters Ayamba (CRE & Social Study Teacher; at Rehema since 2018)

My name is George Peters Ayamba, born in 1955 in Malanga, North Gem of Siaya County in Kenya. Gem people believe in a competitive Education for every family unit. That had resulted to the raising up of the Late C.M.G Argwings Kodhek, the first Africans Lawyer in Kenya.

I was born in a family of ten children and I was the fourth child. Even though I was the first male born child. I was responsible in educating the four siblings behind me. I married a young lady Florence Anyango who gave me two sons and one daughter. My elder son has seven children while my daughter, the late, left me with three orphans. I have ten grandchildren’s of whom three are orphaned vulnerable children. My elder son is a motor bike mechanic while my younger son is serving a defilement case imposed on him three years ago and not yet justified.

I was motivated when I taught my three siblings and passed their primary exams well and joined better high school. One of them excelled to University and now is a High School teacher. My major obstacle was lack of school fees.

I love and respect the teaching profession because it is a noble profession. Teachers need motivation, respect, honour and sustenance. It is an in-born responsibility in me. A teacher is a mentor, shaper, counsellor and a change agent in our community, a teacher leads a child towards a divine destination.

I taught my younger siblings who performed very well in their primary exams and one of them is a High school teacher. After my theological college I worked with compassion International and Belgium Tearfund where I offered tuition lessons to the sponsored children and most of them passed well and now they are responsible Kenyan citizens. I have served as children’s Pastor, social worker, a teacher and child protection policy advocate. Therefore I am a community change agent.

Kevin Naluse (Math, Kiswhali & CRE graduate; at Rehema since January 2021)

My name is Mr. Kevin Naluse.          

I was born on 29th November 1995 in Bubala village, Eshikulame Location, Mumias west sub-county, Kakamega County in Western Province.

I come from a family of six, three boys and three girls. My father is late while the mother a business woman

I am married to Mrs. Neema Namai.

The main obstacles to becoming a teacher is late salary payments that usually become a demotivating factor.

I joined the teaching profession because of passion. My late father was a teacher so I worked hard and was motivated by him to become a teacher. I like teaching because it is a professional that transforms the intellectual ability of learners and makes them better person in future.

Ruth Barasa Consilata (Maths & CRE Teacher; at Rehema since 2019)

My name is Mrs. Ruth Barasa Consilata, born on 26th March 1995 in Esidende Village, Bukhayo Central sub-location, Nambale Sub-County Busia County, Western Kenya region.

I am a married woman of two children; one seven years and the other three years. My husband is a casual worker. I am a trained teacher not yet employed by the government. We are four in my family.

To myself, I had a lot of obstacles before being as a teacher. During my training, I had insufficient school fees since I come from a very humble background. Both parents are subsistence farmers.

However, my primary teachers especially teacher, Godfrey by name, motivated me to continue pressing on. He created a positive impact on me. Before I joined college, I was working in my former primary school as a helping teacher. 

The dream of becoming a teacher was born in me since I was in class four. Most of the time teachers would delegate me with the role of both writing and dictating notes for my fellow pupils. Sometimes, the head of a both group and class discussions. This motivated me to be a teacher as I had already developed a strong interest in the career. My classmates could pose questions to me and I could give explanations. I had been made a teacher by the time already.

My teachers nicknamed ‘’UPCOMING TEACHER’’, so teaching is my call and ambition. I love being a teacher. Teaching helps me interact with all kind of people; young age, middle age and the aged thus improving my interpersonal skills too.

In schools we have many challenges that make me stronger thus helps me to always develop new ways of handling pupils and parents both in good moments and tough times just the same way I  am handle my own children. I cannot torture them knowing my children are also being handled by another person.

Apart from teaching in class, I also create awareness to school going pupils and student on HIV/AIDs pandemic programme that through this our children can grow up upright both academically and health nourished.

In conclusion, teaching is my call/career and I will do everything in my powers to support pupils academically, socially and psychologically.

Joshua Omondi Otieno (Maths Teacher; at Rehema since 2020)

My name is Mr. Joshua Omondi Otieno.

I was born in 1986 in Nyando constituency, Ahero sub-county, Kisumu County. I originated from a monogamous family whereby my two parents were blessed with a total of seven siblings. Out of these seven, three are male and the rest were female. Out of seven siblings I appeared in position three as far as birth order is concern.

Professionally, I am a teacher and the obstacles I encountered towards this profession is commitments.

Most of my time I spend doing research and sharpening my learners thus leaving me to run short of time of being with my family members as a parent.

The reason that made me to become a teacher came from my parents. Personally I originated in a family of teachers. My biological father was a teacher and he made sure I become like him and that is why I am a teacher right now.

The most thing I like through being a teacher is interaction. Through teaching we use to interact with different groups of people from different places and tribes that ease better condition and relationship around the country as a whole.

Anything I would like to add in the line of being a teacher who is able to submit patience in whatever they do will automatically prosper. In life and all doors shall be opened in Jesus.

Annastaciah Mbithe Mutisya (Kiswhali and English Teacher)

My name is Mrs. Annastaciah Mbithe Mutisya.

I was born on 13th July 1992 in Kwawanzilu village, Itunduimuni sub-Location, Ikatini Location, Masinga division Machakos County.

I am married and trust in one God. 

Our home place is moderately dry and mostly support the growth of drought resistant crops like Peas, Maize, Potatoes and others.

The best teacher I ever had, who motivated me was able to see past decades and facts and made the subject come to life beyond the basic curriculum. I was inspired by her in conventional techniques and I strive to bring the same passion for innovative way to learn to my classroom.

The thing I like most about being a teacher is my students. I love   interacting with them, understand the content of any course and I love when they see the connection between what they are learning and their lives.

I love to teach little kids, they absorb insights like sponge. Teaching for me is a natural tendency to share my inward experiences and thoughts. It is also very therapeutics in more way than one.

The secret of enjoying the art and fun of teaching is to see one, do one, and teach one.

The rewards are endless.

Evans Ongongo (Science & SST; at Rehema since 2020)

My name is Mr. Ongongo Evans

I was born in 1994 currently have 27 years, from Suba, Homabay county.

I come from a polygamous family whereby my father happened to have two wives with eight children. Unfortunately, both my mum and her co-wife passed on.

Currently, I am still unmarried since am trying to stand in for my younger siblings.

From my mum, we are four, two girls and two boys. My elder sister is married, the other sister is at home while my brother is in form four of his secondary education.

I am a registered trained teacher under Teacher’s Service Commission of Kenya.

I had a lot of challenges during my training in college on fee payments where I had to be out for months to raise my school fees by means of fishing and Bodaboda driver.

Teaching as a profession was my dream and I could not imagine failing to achieve it due to fee problems.

I got motivated mostly by my high school teachers and church elders who asked me to try all possible means to achieve my dream.

I wanted to become a teacher because I felt like I had that knowledge of understanding to accommodate all learners with different weaknesses from various backgrounds and the ability to pass over my knowledge to the young generation.

In teaching, I love interacting with learners during classroom lessons and Physical Education as well as respect from the community at large.

Violet Kasuvu (Kindergarten Teacher; at Rehema since January 2021)

My name is Mrs. Violet Kasuvu.

I was born 1973 in Gidimo Village, Galona sub-location, Tiriki west, Hamisi constituency, Vihiga County. I was born in a family of five children and two parents (Father and Mother) totaling to eleven. I am the second born, our first born passed on and thus we are two girls and two boys living as follows: Violet Kasuvu who is a pre-school teacher, George Kavayi, born after me, a carpenter then Victor Aliyo, working as a caretaker in a certain institution. My last born sister, Moureen Muhonja, is a house wife.

My father is 81 years old and mother is 73 years old. They are both very old. Our dad is a church leader.

I am a Kindergarten teacher and a leader in the Women Denary in our church.

Since my youthful stage I dreamed of becoming a teacher, I did because I saw it fun being with young children. They don’t stress anybody, always saying the truth and their minds are very fresh to take in whatever they are being told.

Those were my thought, due to those I decided to become not only a teacher but also a developer thus helping them develop from the youngest age up to seven years of age in education, spiritual life and normal way of living. To associate with these young minds and know what the children want, their needs and try to fulfill them. By doing these I gain spiritual blessings after fulfilling them and keeping in mind that if I do not lead them well I will carry their sins /burdens on my shoulder.

As a teacher, I love children. I give out what these young learners want, guiding them in a proper way/direction, making them achieve their goals and training them to be responsible people. I believe in delivering the best and making sure it is valuable and goes hand in hand with the curriculum. Of course, it provides my daily bread.

Wilfred Mutati (Kiswahili & Science Teacher; at Rehema since December 2020)

My name is Mr. Wilfred Mutati.

I was born on 28th August 1993 in Mwigi- Kitui County, Eastern part of Kenya

We are five in our family. My father is disabled and my mother doesn’t have any job apart from local farming. My oldest brother sells second hand clothes in Thika. My other sisters have small businesses for sustenance.

My obstacles as a teacher is that I have taught several schools where the salary was not so encouraging and sometimes I went not paid at all. 

My biggest driving power in teaching is timeless passion.  I get encouraged to give students knowledge which will help them in future life. I grew up with the dream of being a teacher one day and I am one. My ability to understand level of learners also made me a teacher. I love interacting/socializing with learners when imparting skills on them to be good citizens in the future. I like sharing new ideas to leaners for a better tomorrow.

Please assist me to help learners by providing a favorable motivation.


Geoffrey Omondi Omolo (Social & Science Teacher; at Rehema since 2020)

My name is Geoffrey Omondi Omolo.

I was born on 23rd November 1985 in Koguta East Sub-location, Sigoti Location, upper Nyakach division in Kisumu County. I am a second born in our family of two both deceased.

I am married in Church to one wife. We are blessed with two children; a boy who is three years and a girl whose age is twelve.

What motivated me to be a teacher was my role model, my grandfather who was a great teacher and most of his pupils during his time excelled to lawyers, doctors. I love the way he carried his role as a teacher. This was the key motivator for me to choose teaching career.

The reason why I chose teaching, this was because it was a call from God. Secondly, I was motivated by the fact of changing and nurturing the talents and shape them to a great heights. I strongly believe that a career with heavenly rewards is teaching because of its nature.

I love seeing a pupil brought to me as a toddler and I walk with him/her academically and later on leading him/her to national exam and he /she excel and later graduate into different career. When I admire the academic credential of a child who pass through my hand.

I feel good when my goals I was called to do are achieved.

Apart from teaching, I have been called to serve in the Church as a minister of God .I am still a student of theology hoping to complete my studies.