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We can now also accept som non-cash items (e.g, old cars/boats, electronics, gift cards, etc), via our partnership with Tax receipts are provided.

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When you shop online, use as your portal to over 5,000 retailers ranging from Sports Authority to Ulta and Staples. With every purchase you make, you will save money and Goodshop will donate up to 20% of what you spend, enabling Sahaya International to continue our important efforts, thanks to you! It only takes a moment to sign up and designate Sahaya International as your cause

In addition, using Goodsearch as your search engine, you can earn 1 penny per search for Sahaya. Click on the picture above or here to get started. If you sign up and designate Sahaya International as your cause, you can even track how much you've earned for Sahaya International!

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Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Sahaya International Inc.

Giving Assistant is free! Use it to make automatic donations to Sahaya International Inc.. 3-30% of your purchase prices at Home Depot and 3000+ retailers can go to help us.



Click on the video link and meet some of the children of READ's Jawahar Matriculation School, which is supported by Sahaya International.

In addition to Sahaya's support programs for orphans and needy children, (click here for more information), you can also provide direct support to several schools in India that provide basic education to children from underprivileged families. You can support schools in several ways:

1). Help constructing a school:

You can donate towards construction of the 2nd level of the Mother Teresa School of Periykrishnapuram (click for more info on the school).

In 2008, we completed construction of a one-storey building with four classrooms. But since then the number of students has grown to 171 students, and the classrooms have become overcrowded. The estimated price is approximately $60,000. We have already raised approximately $50,000.

Consider making a contribution. Click here to learn about the ways to donate.

school building children

new school

Our goal is to make the Mother Teresa look like the two-storey building of the Jawahar Matriculation School (of which construction was completed in 2009). We thank everyone who helped us build this school!


2). Help to provide school supplies to a school in India.

Our schools need funds for educational materials (books, science objects, art supplies) and other furniture (book cases, cabinets, etc) to store such materials safely in the classrooms.

Can you help us? Then please consider making a contribution to either one of these schools in India.

Any amount is already making a difference.

Contact us if you like to sponsor a larger item as we can give you a more precise price estimate.

Click here to learn about the ways to donate, including online.

african kids

Rafiki school

3). Support the salary of a school teacher in India.

You can help providing salary to a school teacher of the Mother Teresa School of Periykrishnapuram (Tamil Nadu), the Jawahar Matriculation School of Andimadam (Tamil Nadu), or the Lamling Vista School in Nagaland.

The monthly salary of a school teacher in rural India ranges from $80 to $130, depending on their level of training. You can donate for one month, or for longer periods. We have also profiles available, so please e-mail us at to get more information. If you decide to support a teacher for one school year, we will send you a letter and picture of the teacher whom you are supporting.

Click here to learn about the ways to donate, including online.




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