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Children's programs in Sri Lanka.

The two charities are a children’s orphange in the town of Kandy in Sri Lanka and a home for children with Down’s Syndrome in Colombo.  Brief descriptions of these two organizations are given below. 

Singithisevana (Shelter for children; is a children’s home registered as a charitable organization with the Government of Sri Lanka and approved under Section 9a of the Income Tax No 28 of 1979, for a non-taxable donation.  The sole purpose of this home is to provide the basic needs and emotional support to children who do not have a home or parents.  It is a home for 35 orphaned children from agen 2 to 12 years.  These children have been handed to the home by the Government of Sri Lanka. 

Due to capacity, children who reach the age of 12 are transferred to juvenile orphanages under government supervision.  The children were initially abandoned by their parents due to socio-economic difficulties or death of the breadwinner. 
The organizers of the orphanage are planning to start a pre-school in this orphanage.  It has received donations to employ teachers for the school.  Additional funds are required to purchase equipment and books for the use of the children.  The organization plans to enroll 12 chilren into the school.  The operating budget for the school is approxiately $2000/year and the funds required for equipment is approximately $1000.

Madiwela Home

45, Embuldeniya Road, Madiwela.

The home is situated in close proximity to Colombo, in the ancient city of Kotte. The home was opened in 1960 by the late Dr.A.I.Senanayake, a well known Psychiatrist and Chairman of the Childrens’ Charter Committee, and later handed over to the National Council for Child and Youth Wefare.Today the Madiwela home is home for 34 boys with Down’s Syndromeand 7 staff members.
The Home has been financially maintained through the generosity of M/s.David Pieris Motor Co.Ltd. The entire running costs inclusive of staff salaries and sports equipment and also the renovations to the premises.
The school is situated in the 2 ½  acre premises of Madiwela Home.The curriculum reflects our boys need for training in survival skills. The core subjects are home gardening, basic, carpentry, cookery, sewing, all self and household skills.  The activities in the home are summarized below.

  • Sewing: From fixing a button & mending clothes, the boys have according to ability gone on to learn embroidery, machine sewing of pillow cases, rugs jute bags etc. Monies from sales of the items are deposited in their personal postal savings accounts.
  • Simple income generating work:  Potting of plants for sale, making paper bags, oil lamp wicks , packeting, small cardboard boxes , pickling lime, wall hangings etc.
  • Maintenance Education:  Intended to keep in touch with letters and figures, write name. A few can fill in a simple C.V. form, measure using a ruler and the recognition and use of money.
  • General discussions and Conversation -  To improve language skills interaction and to promote an awareness of social standing.
  • GymTeacher -  Physical training and games are held at the weekend.
  • Dancing and Singing   Classes on Thursday and Friday afternoons.
  • Leisure Time Activities   Games, cycling, carom, viewing  T V & musical  sessions.
    Funds are sought for employing a teacher for these children who could enhance their vocational skills. The salary of a suitably qualified individual will be approximately $ 2000/year.

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