Talent Innovation Foundation (previously, called Rafiki program)-Kenya

Sahaya International is proud to partner with the Talent Innovation Foundation. This program was founded by Mark Omare, and is active in Ibencho, Kenya, founded by Mark Omare.

Note and short summary by founder, Mark Omare:

Mark Omare and his family

Everyone in the world deserves a second chance. Talent Innovation Foundation started 16 years ago as the Rafiki Home, in which I became a parent of 30 orphans who are now mature. Some of them are now in universities, others work in trade center. But as new orphans are joining, the number has increased 5-fold. Because of the increasing challenges to help all these children and youth, we initiated income-generating projects to help us sustain our programs in feeding them, educating them in different levels. Together, we are creating a positive impact in their lives, and we are building the next generation of community leaders. Will you join our efforts?

Currently, our most urgent needs are:

  1. We run a primary school. This school is in need of toilet facilities ($1500), and a library with books, computers, tables and chairs: USD 5,000.
  2. Tailoring training as income-generating program. We are in need of sewing machines and materials: USD 2,000.
  3. Bread-making income generating activity (to feed the children, and sell bread to the community). Cost of oven and other kitchen materials: USD 1,500
  4. Water supply to the school and community. Cost of water tank: USD 4,000

All these projects are helping the orphans to go to school and lead a normal and happy life. Imagine a child without a parent, and with little hope. You can help give that child hope by supporting our projects. Any donation makes a difference. You are welcome to visit our programs. Many thanks in advance for your support.

Mark G. Omare
Founder and CEO
Talent Innovation Foundation

 Rafiki Junior Academy primary school

This primary school is operating in Ibencho. Thanks to a donor, a groundfloor building was recently constructed, and equipped with basic furniture. We are hoping to finish up the classrooms and construct an extra level on it. The school has access to clean water. For the moment, the 2 most urgent needs are:

  • Materials for a library: tables, chairs, books, computers (estimated costs: $5,000)
  • Toilet facilities: while the raw building has been constructed, it still requires approximately $1,500 to finish everything up.


The Rafiki Caring Home

The Rafiki Caring Home cares for orphaned, destitute and abandoned children by providing for basic needs, an education, and in many cases a place to call home.  Rafiki Caring Home has been growing critical programs based on the identified needs of the kids in the communities under which they operate.   The caregivers at Rafiki give love, food, and guidance acting in a parental role in the absence of the children’s own parents or extended family.  Many times these children are AIDS orphans, or have been abandoned.

You can provide support to a specific child. Please contact us to get some profiles of children who are in need of support. As a sponsor, we will provide you with updates on the child.

  • $30 USD/month:  Destitute child sponsorship (provides lunch, education)     
    By sponsoring a destitute student, you ensure the child gets one nutritious meal a day, and can attend school.
  • $50 USD/month:  Full orphan sponsorship (provides food, housing, education)
    Sponsoring at this level covers the cost of feeding the children with three nutritious meals a day and providing them with clothing, toiletries, bedding, and education.

Water community project:

This project has been bringing clean water to the people of Ibencho. Clean water is being gathered from a well, pumped up in a reservoir, which then via pipelines is distributing water to different parts of the area to people’s homes! Via the use of water meters, people pay a fee for the sustainability of the program.

Click here to see many more pictures of this program that is having a big impact!

Because of the success of this program, we hope to expand it by constructing an even larger water storage tank (25 feet diameter x 10 feet high). By constructing this higher up the mountain, water pipelines can distribute clean to even more villages around the mountain. The estimated cost for this would be $4,000.

Income-generating and vocational training program:

    • We hope to start a tailoring unit to train local people so they are able to make a livelihood.
    • We hope to start a bakery, to feed the children, but also to sell bread to the local community to generate income to sustain the programs.
    • For both of these activities, the expected costs for equipment is estimated at approximately $1,500.

Your contribution makes a difference!

Contributions to the Rehema program via Sahaya International are tax-deductible in the USA. If you like to make a contribution, you can do so in different ways:

  • To pay by credit card or paypal, go to our donation page. When you make the donation, enter in the “in honor of” or notes section “Talent Innovation Foundation” so we know your donation is earmarked for this project.
  • You can mail a check, made payable to “Sahaya International” to us. Add in the notes field “Talent Innovation Foundation”.

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Many thanks for your generous support!

Picture gallery of the programs and Ibencho area (click on individual pictures to see enlarged version)