I am starting my story by saying lot of thanks to Mr. Selvam & Mr. Koen.

I am Kumanan Thangarasu, from Andimadam. Now working as Quality Engineer in windmill industries at Chennai. While I was studying Secondary education my father was passed away. Because of this I struggled to start my under Graduate. At that time I heard about READ/SAHAYA by one of my friend. Then I met Mr. Selvam and Koen to explain my situation and requested to help for my studies. After the meeting, they accepted to sponsor my 4 years of studies. Also they gave me a chance to go UC-Davis for internship. It was a boon of my life.

After completion of my Under Graduation I started to work. I planned to help the children’s education by funding. Then I learnt below from Koen and selvam that Helping tendency, and how to live my life by own and serving the people.  Finally thanks to READ/SAHAYA for all their supports.

My life’s truth: Without Support of READ/SAHAYA I have no this happy life.

Warm regards,