“There are many inspirational stories around the Internet. I am blessed by sharing my story here.

My Name is Lakshmi. I am working as an Electrical Design Engineer in a reputed company now. A few years back, I was a girl who suffered to get support for education. Because of my father’s death, my life started to suffer from a good education and a better life. After much difficulties, my schooling life was coming to an end despite the best academic results. I had managed to get admission to a good university in my state. Even though I secured a merit seat, the tuition fees and living cost were still very expensive, and not affordable  for my family. I can say that ‘Hope and try are always better than doing nothing’. I hoped and searched for educational funds from many resources, and finally, I came to know about READ/SAHAYA by my friend. But I heard that they mostly prefer to sponsor young children. But I hoped and tried once by explaining my situation. Selvam and Koen Van Rompay accepted to support my 4 years of educational cost.

After successfully having finished my education, I started to work. Now I wish to earn more and repay back to them by funding other children’s education. I learned an important lesson from Koen and Selvam that they are not only helping the children in need and brought up with limited advice, but they also provide them with more freedom, and self-courage to face the world.”

Many Regards,

Lakshmi T