Project Rishi – UCDavis

Our organization consists of undergraduate students from the University of California, Davis, working towards social and health improvements in rural Indian communities. In 2015, our team had the immense pleasure of connecting with Sahaya International and since then we have experienced the heartwarming work of this organization firsthand, specifically in Andimadam, India.  


Sahaya International and their partner organization READ have changed the lives of countless underprivileged children and HIV+ individuals over the years. During our annual trips to Andimadam, our team has had the incredible fortune of actually witnessing the organization’s impact on the community. This insight into Sahaya International’s work has been breathtaking to witness. The two primary schools founded by Sahaya/READ in Andimadam are run by a strong staff that is truly passionate about furthering these students’ education. The teachers are always eager to try new activities and subject material, and project collaborations with our team over the past few years in matters such as hygiene education, menstruation education, coding, and diabetes awareness have all been incredibly successful. The students display immense motivation for their studies and always happily tell us about their impressive future career plans to be doctors, pilots, or engineers. It’s incredible that this one organization is able to make such an impact on children’s education across the world by partnering with other organizations, and we are so happy to see Sahaya International’s continued impact year after year, child after child.


Observing and partaking in Sahaya International’s work has been a prolific experience for our team, and we are very excited to continue seeing the great developments!

Project Rishi- UCDavis