Sahaya Vietnam Education Program

Update December 2018: Thanks to generous donors, we are currently providing scholarships to 250 needy students (of which 5 are college students) !

The success of our children’s future is embedded in their education. Living in extreme poverty and harsh living conditions, many children in Kien Gang (Vietnam) lack any opportunity for an education.

In close collaboration with the Buu Son Monastery, Sahaya International runs an educational program that provides scholarships to underprivileged children.

We are currently supporting approximately 250 students, from 1st grade to professional school.  We so proud to announce that our higher education scholarship includes 4 medical students, 1 nursing students, 1 agriculture student, 1 english student, 1 tourism student, 1 music student, 2 engineering students, and 7 students in education.

Through this sponsorship program, you can support a specific child. Or you can make a general donation and we will use it to cover tuition (up to 12th grade), school uniforms, school supplies, text books and tutoring.

In 2017, we also provided 20 bicycles to needy students to assist them in getting to and from school.

How much is needed to sponsor a student?

For a child up to 12th grade, the cost per year is only $100 (or $8.30 per month, or 28 cents per day!). This amount covers tuition (up to 12th grade), two school uniforms, all school supplies, text books for the year, and tutoring.If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to sponsor by yourself, then talk to your friends, relatives or colleagues.

The sponsoring of college students requires additional funds, which depend on their study major.

If you like to donate to this program, go to our donation page. Make sure to indicate which program you want your donation to go to.

For questions about the Sahaya Vietnam program, or if you like to sponsor a specific student (including a college student), contact Sahaya director Chung at:

Phone (USA): 1-(408) 966-0395

Students from underprivileged families receive not only school supplies and tuition scholarships, but also receive bicycles so they can more easily go to and from school.


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