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Sahaya - Going Beyond: Vietnam

- documentary-


Sahaya International and will collaborate once again, this time to produce Sahaya Going Beyond: Vietnam, a documentary chronicling the efforts of the Sahaya Vietnam program to build homes and support access to education in impoverished rural Vietnam. To date, over 170 simple homes have been built in the Mekong Delta and more than 200 students have received scholarships from 1st grade on up.

A few years ago, Sahaya International and ReelAid first teamed up to produce the film Sahaya Going Beyond about the early days of Sahaya’s partnership with the people of rural India in their struggle for education, economic opportunity and healthcare, including treatment for children and adults suffering from HIV/AIDS. The film, narrated pro bono by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, spotlighted the inspiring transformation of a rural Indian community rising up to shatter the stigma and spread of AIDS, build schools and micro-businesses, and live with greater health, dignity and hope. To view this short documentary online, go to

The film Sahaya Going Beyond, with its focus on India, took Sahaya International to the next level by widening our ripple effect of “making a difference”. It has proven successful by increasing Sahaya’s visibility and furthering Sahaya’s programs of healthcare, education and socio-economic development in India. Our goal is to do likewise for another powerful wing of our organization:  Sahaya Vietnam. 

DVD cover

Andy and Jeremy
Andy Lauer and Jeremy Irons working on the narration script of Sahaya Going Beyond.

The Sahaya Vietnam documentary will feature the inspiring journey of people who triumph over despair: families moving from makeshift shelters to a sturdy home and more dignified life; children gaining access to schools, and then thriving; and communities previously isolated, now building much-needed bridges to safely cross rivers. Indeed, the film reveals what we can achieve - supporters, donors and communities across the world - when we join together to overcome obstacles and build a better future.

ReelAid founder/filmmaker Andy Lauer will helm the film. For 11 years ReelAid has made professional videos for nonprofit organizations. ReelAid’s work has covered HIV/AIDS, deaf youth, and women’s health rights among other topics, and has included the talents, pro bono, of Brad Pitt, Adrien Brody, Sidney Poitier and director Peter Berg. Our upcoming Sahaya Vietnam documentary will also feature top-notch talent for narration.  

Although ReelAid extends many services and equipment for free or at low-cost, making a quality documentary entails many expenses. The budget for the Sahaya Vietnam film is approximately $25,450 plus airfare for two (the film crew); click here for details). To cover these costs, Sahaya is seeking sponsorship from individuals and corporations.
We invite you to join in producing the film and sharing in the heart-filled journey of how people from communities across the globe can work together to create a more dignified life for all.

Sponsorship options are listed below; contributions are tax-deductible (our tax ID is 68-0434770).

Your donation has a double impact as two donors will match the first $10,000 in contributions with funds for 2 homes in Vietnam and scholarships for students in our programs.

Click here to download the sponsorship form to mail with your check; or you can also e-mail us the information at if you donate online:

Thank you in advance for your support.

Koen Van Rompay (Founder; Secretary)
Chung Truong, Board member and Sahaya Vietnam coordinator
Ramin Yazdani (President)

Vietnamese girl


$20 or more = Supporter

You will get your name in our online list of supporters and be invited to the premier screening of the video documentary.

$100 or more = Producer level I

All the benefits of Supporter, plus you will get your name in the video credits and website as Producer level I, and you will receive a copy of the DVD.

$250 or more:  Producer level II

All the benefits of the Producer Level I, plus you will get your name in the video credits and website as Producer level II, plus you will be invited to a reception prior to the premier screening of the video documentary.

$1,000 or more = VIP Producer

All the benefits of the Producer level II, plus you will get your name in the video credits and website as VIP Producer, plus you will be invited to a private dinner with Koen Van Rompay (founder of Sahaya International) and several Sahaya board members.

$5,000 or more = Executive Producer

You will get all of the VIP Producer perks, plus your name & website in the film credits as Executive Producer.


Sahaya Vietnam Housing program
A family in Vietnam, previously living in a shack, gains a more dignified life in a simple home.


Students from underprivileged families reeive not only tuition scholarships, but also receive bicycles so they can more easily go to and from school.

film strip

Our first documentary highlighted the start of Sahaya International and our programs in India

sahaya going beyond

Sahaya Going Beyond


An award-winning documentary by
Hollywood filmmaker/director Andy Lauer

Click here to learn more

Andy Lauer


Narrated by Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons

and with theme song "May it be" by Grammy Award winner Enya









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