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In the province of Kien Giang. located in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam, rural families live in uninhabitable conditions:

  • The infrastructure of their homes is very weak. The roofs are comprised of leaves and plastic tarp that provide minimal protection from the tropical climate. As the rain leaks through, the undeveloped dwelling floors turn into mud.
  • Most people are illiterate and uneducated, and do day labor to try to survive.
  • Families lack adequate supply of clean drinking water, food, and medicine. There are no clinics or hospitals nearby, and people cannot afford health insurance.  The creeks and rivers are polluted and filled with garbage, chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Family struggle to find the resources to send their children to school. This results in high drop-out rates.

Our collaboration with the Buu Son Monastery

Buu Son Monastery, a Buddhist monastery in Kien Giang, has assisted this impoverished community for several years. The monastery has constructed basic homes with rain resistant roofs and tiled floors. In addition to the shelter, the monastery provides beds, cooking supplies, jugs of clean drinking water, and food. The Buddhist monastery monks are very trustworthy mentors of Sahaya’s long time friend and board member, Chung Truong. Accordingly, a few years ago, Sahaya International decided to join hands with the Chua Buu Son Monastery.  who direct and oversee this project and are the link between supporters in the USA and the program in Vietnam.   This program of Sahaya International is called “Sahaya Vietnam”.

Sahaya Vietnam’s programs:

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  • Housing: for $2,000, we can provide a family with a simple home, In addition, we provide beds, cooking supplies and food. Thus the cost per unit is $2,200. So far we have built almost 200 homes!
  • Scholarships/education: we provide bicycles, school supplies, and also scholarships to more 250 students, from young age all the way to college.
  • Bridges: we have replaced 3 collapsing bridges with new, strong structures, that connect communities, and give children safer access to schools on the other side of the rivers.

Sahaya Vietnam program from Sahaya International on Vimeo.

How can I support these programs?

If you like to donate to this program, go to our donation page. Make sure to indicate which program you want your donation to go to.

For questions about the Sahaya Vietnam program, contact Sahaya director Chung at:

Phone (USA): 1-(408) 966-0395

To learn more about the documentary we are making about our Sahaya Vietnam program, and join the strong list of Sahaya and Reelaid supporters, including actor/producer Brad Pitt, click here.

A family in Vietnam, previously living in shacks, receives a simple home.

In addition to being thankful to our many individual donors (most of whom prefer to be anonymous), are also also very grateful to our  partner organizations for their great support to our Vietnam programs: