Happy Times (Uganda)

Happy Times Uganda is community based organization (CBO) which runs a number of programs:
  • In our primary school, some children are orphans;  other children come from poor families who cannot even afford to eat twice a day.
  • In our welding workshop, we train the youth in welding skills. After getting experience, many of these youth are able to start their own workshop and then sustain their families.
  • We also support elderly people in the community by providing them with food (whenever we get donations from well-wishers, or with some profits of the welding workshop).
We thank everyone who suppports our programs.
If you are in the USA, you can support Happy Times through Sahaya International. Click here to go to our donation page, which tells you multiple ways to contribute. As Sahaya International is supporting a number of programs, please make sure to indicate if you want your donation to go to Happy Times.
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