Sahaya songs

We are grateful to these talented artists who have written and recorded 2 songs about Sahaya:

Let’s go Sahaya (by Sandeep Khurana):

Sahaya Walks 2014 from Sahaya International on Vimeo.

Sahaya (by Elizabeth Bush and Joab Maldonado)

Written by Elizabeth Busch and Joab Maldonado

Recorded at Foxtail Sound, Dixon, CA ( on May 27, 2012.


What is Sahaya?
Sahaya means help
Sahaya is help

Do you hear the young ones calling you today?
Do you hear the heart beat half a world away?
They are full of laughter while they dance and play
They are like the children here with you today

Who will help?
Who will stand?
Who will step into?
We hear you calling
So we are walking
We rejoice to see your healing
Reach out your hands and keep believing
Take courage now, you’re not alone

For love will bring you hope and help.

Do you see your own hands reaching out today?
Dare you give
your own heart for a better way?
We are all one family sharing joy and pain
Help will make the small ones, not so far away.

Who will help….(repeat above)

© 2011 Busch/Maldonado