Easy ways to make a difference

Is your wallet or purse empty, but your heart is full?

Learn here about “Easy ways to help raise funds”

The term “sahaya” was derived from a word meaning “help.” With these tools listed below, it has never been easier to lend a hand to people in developing countries without giving directly any money to us.

There are several easy ways in which you can raise money while sitting at the computer, either while doing your regular online shopping, using search engines, or get rid of some old items.

You can donate old vehicles.

In addition to money donations, we are now able to accept vehicle donations (old cars, boats, even airplanes), unused gift cards, and other items through a partnership with Careasy! They will take care of pick-up, provide a tax receipt.  In other words, so it’s made extra easy for you. To learn more about what you can donate or to get started, click on the logo or here.



What if Sahaya International earned a donation every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? Well, now it can with GOODSEARCH and GOODSHOP

When you shop online, use www.goodshop.com as your portal to over 5,000 retailers ranging from electronic stores (Dell, Apple,…) to sports and office supplies. With every purchase you make, you will save money and Goodshop will donate up to 20% of what you spend, enabling Sahaya International to continue our important efforts, thanks to you! It only takes a moment to sign up at www.goodsearch.com/register and designate Sahaya International as your cause. What’s more, you could even save money as Goodshop lists coupons and deals!

In addition, using Goodsearch as your search engine, you can earn funds for Sahaya. Every time you use Goodsearch’s Yahoo-powered search engine, a penny goes to the organization. Just think: All those searches for concert tickets, restaurant reviews, news articles and funny pictures, could, over time, raise funds for social development projects in India and Africa. Super simple, right? Go to www.goodsearch.com to get started, and remember to dedicate Sahaya International. 

For both programs, if you register and designate Sahaya International as your cause, you can even track over time how much you’ve earned for Sahaya International via your online shopping and searching.

It also works from your mobile phone, as you can download the App that will then automatically help to detect participating shops and money-saving coupons.

Click on the video below to learn more how it works:

Tobi Cares makes it easy to shop for our cause. Every time you shop at Tobi.com, it will give a portion of the purchase price to Sahaya International.

Use this link and start shopping:



    • Compared to other programs, Giving Assistant pays 2x more Cash Back to you when you shop at thousands of stores.

    • Giving Assistant makes it absolutely effortless to donate that Cash Back to Sahaya International.

  • Click on the image to get started.


    Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Sahaya International Inc.